February 2, 2015

Update: Company Statement Regarding Fire at Recall CitiStorage Facility

Over the past two days, since a fire impacted a Recall Information Center in Brooklyn, the company has been executing a rapid and comprehensive response to the incident. Once employees were safe and accounted for—and fortunately no serious injuries were reported from first responders or individuals in the neighborhood—the company was able to focus its concern on the security of customer information, which had been stored in the facility.

Recall’s strategic response has included:

  • Recall created an on-site incident command center, shortly after first responders arrived on the scene. This center is led by Recall’s head of security and includes operations personnel who are managing the situation in the field and working closely with city and fire officials
  • Recall has deployed a disaster recovery and property damage team that is conducting document retrieval in all areas adjacent to the building including the shoreline, as well as in the East River by way of boat operations. More than two dozen skilled personnel have already collected a significant amount of documentation. Efforts will be continuing this week
  • Recall has established a team of dedicated customer service representatives who are communicating with affected customers and addressing key concerns. Supporting customers remains the priority and Recall is committed to keeping all customers informed. If you are a customer with any questions or concerns regarding the fire, please call 718-782-1100 or email dmscare.NY@recall.com.
  • With regard to the Information Center itself, it is still too early to determine the cause. The company is committed to working with local fire authorities and fully supporting the investigation. As more information becomes available, Recall will provide further updates.

We wish to thank our customers who are being incredibly understanding during this aftermath and the men and women of the FDNY firefighters and other emergency personnel working on the facility. Contact information:

Customers please direct your inquiries to718-782-1100 or dmscare.NY@recall.com

Media questions or inquiries should be directed to David Sprague: 781-684-6254 or Amanda Fountain: 781-684-6531 or recall@mslgroup.com