Recall Replicate™ is an in-market, secured cloud, off-site data protection solution for your backup data. To offer it, Recall teamed up with EMC using EMC’s Data Domain replication technology to enable a secured replication service hosted at Recall Data Protection Centers. 

Recall Replicate™ follows the same Recall global IT security policies and standards customers have experienced for over two decades. 

  • Secure
    • With the industry’s highest data recovery rates, Recall employs best practices to protect your data using business processes that are globally certified for ISO/IEC 2700 and facilities that are PCI/DSS and SOC2 certified. 
  • Anytime Recovery
    • Recall Replicate™ is a real-time online service, providing 24/7/365 data restoration. It’s a solution that works on distributed environments, where the majority of data resizes in the same metropolitan location, just like tape vaults. 
  • Elastic and Scalable
    • Customers have the ability to grow seamlessly without having to invest in in-house growth infrastructure. A flexible “pay as you grow” model, Recall Replicate™ customers experience an elastic and scalable service that adapts to their current needs. 
  • Active Monitoring
    • Recall Replicate™ provides options for customers to actively monitor the replication and restoration of data through their own backup software application. In addition, Recall has 24/7365 support and a NOC command center to provide full-time, active support.
  • Metered Billing
    • Recall Replicate™ is a multi-tenant, “pay for what you use” service so that customers pay only for the data stored at Recall. 
  • Reports and Dashboard
    • Customers benefit from receiving full EMC Data Protection Advisor (DPA) reports for their replication data. Information provided includes capacity reporting, data recoverability reports, archival search, replication timelines, data flow analysis, topology views and more.
    • In addition, customers are able to analyze their replication to identify gaps that may affect recovery, local and remote data consistency, and to analyze replication from specific applications. 


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